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People, cultures, technology and marketing

China, with the perfect storm of rapid innovation and adaptation, sees service design and technology reach maturity where they have failed in the west. Leading the pack is a completely new format and platform structure that fundamentally changed the way content is created and consumed by people. 

I call this the “third-generation” of Social Media (a mixture of Social OS and AI content engines). It will soon change the way brands/marketers build affinity with and serve their customers. Luckily, through our crystal ball – aka China – we can get a preview of what the future may hold for the rest of the world, so we can fully prepare. These are exciting times because Social Media has been evolving for almost two decades and a “generational leap” only happens once every 5-6 years. 

Technology is ultimately driven by people and more often than not, marketing is also downstream from culture. So in this talk, we will look beyond the platforms, beyond the big numbers, we look at the people, cultural and environmental reasons behind the shifts in technology that’s driving the platforms. But also the symbiotic relationship between technology and Social Media. And finally, how brands and creators may evolve to embrace this new era, because, as with most large-scale changes, there are plenty of opportunities. 

Next Gen Social: Speaking
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