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Jing Daily: After Lockdown, China Is Eager For Some ‘Revenge Tourism’

As China seeks to reopen after prolonged COVID lockdowns, “revenge travel” has emerged as popular internet slang for the pent-up demand for experiences outside, in nature. The country experienced its first bout of this during May Day, with over 230 million traveling domestically over the five-day holiday, which represents a 119.7 percent year-on-year increase. The enthusiasm was further fuelled by the relaxation of COVID rules in June, freeing previously locked-down residents in major cities like Shanghai. To enable more mobility for domestic tourists, the star symbol (indicating its holder has a history of visiting middle and high-risk areas) was retired. Following this change, one of China’s leading online travel agencies, Qunar, recorded a 60 percent surge in flight searches in the first 30 minutes following the announcement while hotel bookings on others doubled. But alongside this need to make up for lost time, there is also a change in the demographics found traveling to various destinations. Read the full article from 31 July 2022 on Jing Daily here.

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